Our WhatsApp Chatbot Pricing

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Every plan we provide includes an exclusive Telegram and WhatsApp account, customized to align with your requirements in WhatsApp API pricing and WhatsApp Chatbot API. The architecture of your subscription hinges on various elements: subscriber volume, Webhook functionality, team composition, and the breadth of your product offerings, all harmoniously unified via WhatsApp API integration and Business Messaging API. Outside these confines, a plethora of features await you, such as a WhatsApp shopping cart. Should the need for an additional configuration arise, expanding your subscription remains a viable option.


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Agency Plan

1M Subscribers + 10 Instance + 10M Messages + 15 eCommerce Catalogs & Stores + 15 WP & Shopify Integrations + 15 Team Members + APIs

Add On Service

Choose Your Addon Service Plan

Leverage our expertise to meet your specific requirements. The supplementary packages encompass setup assistance, bot customization, e-commerce catalog configuration, and storefront establishment. Moreover, you have the option to enlist our services for meta business verification.


BotGenius setup, Business Verification, 1 Chatbot setup



Setting up 1 WhatsApp catalog & Telegram Shop. Limited up to 5 categories & 25 products.


TG Setup

Creating Telegram Bot and configure Chatbot