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Connect to BotGenius

It takes just a few simple steps to link your WhatsApp business account with BotGenius. It’s a breeze to do.

Chatbot Link & Build List

Promote the Chatbot by putting a link to it in your email newsletters, social media profiles, and website. Use user input to choose how to categorise the list’s tags and fields.

Broadcast Message Anytime

Anytime is a good moment to send out a marketing or notification message. One study found that over 80% of messages were opened. Telegram does not impose a restriction based on the clock.



BotGenius provides a unified interface for live-chat services like Telegram and WhatsApp. It’s quick, simple to use, and has excellent customer service.

Catalog & eCommerce

The WhatsApp Catalogue is the most advanced selling tool available today. Create a fully functional online store, complete with a user-friendly payment gateway, from inside of Telegram.

Automated Drip Messaging

In addition to mass mailings, you may also build up automatic sequences of messages to be sent out at regular intervals of your choosing, be it minutes, hours, or days.

User Input & Custom Field

Pose a question or many to the users. The responses can be stored in a custom field and then utilised to organise your subscriber base.

Team Member

You can assign any number of staff members the task of administering your BotGenius account on your behalf.You can restrict what each team member can do in a given module by assigning them to one of several predefined roles.

BotGenius has many built-in external connections

AI Bot Reply

OpenAI’s language processing technology has been integrated into BotGenius to improve the quality and efficiency of our conversations with users.

WhatsApp Catalogs

See the revolutionary WhatsApp catalogue integration in action. Showcase and sell your wares without any hassle within WhatsApp, providing a streamlined shopping experience that will boost your company to new heights.

Scan for Lead

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WhatsApp Webhook Workflow

BotGenius may be integrated with a wide variety of third-party webhook providers to automate the sending of messages to WhatsApp based on webhook data.


You can easily combine BotGenius with WooCommerce by using the “WhatsApp Webhook Workflow,” which allows you to perform the following tasks: Order Notification to WhatsApp, WhatsApp’s COD to Prepaid Conversion, and many other features are still in development.


You can easily combine BotGenius with Shopify using the “WhatsApp Webhook Workflow” and do the following tasks: Order Notification to WhatsApp, WhatsApp’s COD to Prepaid Conversion, and many other features are still in development.

SMS, Email & Auto-responder

Create an SMS and email sender API and use it to send emails and SMS to subscribers who have shared their email or phone number. Emails obtained can be stored in auto-responders like MailChimp, Sendinblue, and ActiveCampaign.


Webforms that allow webhooks, like WP Elementor and Google Forms, are rising in popularity. With the help of the “WhatsApp Webhook Workflow,” you may send messages to WhatsApp and enter data into BotGenius via a webform.

API End-points

Developers can connect any other application to BotGenius via the API endpoints that BotGenius provides. We provide WhatsApp text message transmission, WhatsApp message templates, and many other yet-to-be-released features.


Our Pricing Plans

Every one of our plans includes a single Telegram and WhatsApp account. Plans are based on the number of subscribers, the Webhook, the team, and the catalog.  The remaining features are all limitless. You can subscribe further if you need a second instance. Here you will get our detailed plans. Mentioned Messages are allowed from our platform without any charges. Meta allowed 1000 message per month for free. Beyond that actual charges will charged from Meta. Click for Meta pricing.