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Effortlessly Create Chatbot using Visual Drag & Drop Editor

Utilise the strength of Visual Drag & Drop Flow Builder to create visual bots. With our user-friendly editor’s no-code, visual interface, you can create chatbots that are incredibly engaging. You can easily construct, test, and build chatbots graphically within a single online interface with a bird’s eye view of your complete bot. Bypass difficult coding and appreciate the ease of building your chatbot visually. With the help of the Visual Drag & Drop Editor, you can easily realise all the possibilities and realise your bot ideas. Create a chatbot now to transform how you connect with customers!

Increase Your Subscribers with Short Links and Chat Widgets

Are you trying to grow the number of subscribers to your WhatsApp or Telegram chatbot? Look nowhere else! For you, BotGenius provides the ideal option. You may quickly share your bot or company on websites, social media sites, and email using our short links. A user can interact with your bot right away by clicking the short link, and they will get prompt responses. But there’s more! Additionally, BotGenius provides chat widgets for Telegram and WhatsApp that may be easily added to any website. Start increasing your subscriber base right away by using chat widgets and short links!

Broadcasting Tools Can Help Your Business Grow

By interacting with your contacts list and promoting growth, a powerful broadcasting tool can help you grow your company to new heights. Our segmented audience targeting offers accurate and effective communication, whether you’re trying to revive dormant clients, re-engage your audience, or send messages, reminders, or follow-ups.

Although the WhatsApp Business Platform charges for individual talks, each WhatsApp Business account is still entitled to 1K free interactions each month. The nicest aspect is that Telegram broadcasting has no restrictions! With our Telegram Chatbot, say goodbye to the 24-hour limit and welcome unlimited messaging. With the use of a broadcasting tool, grow your business like never before today!

Increase sales and collaboration by using live chat and a shared inbox

Improve customer engagement using WhatsApp and Telegram Live Chat. Take advantage of a shared team inbox for easy collaboration, prioritise inquiries, and automate responses. Streamline procedures, have access to detailed metrics, and brand the chat widget. With this powerful solution, you can improve your customer service and increase conversions. Try it right now!

Integrating the WhatsApp Catalogue Can Transform Your Business

With ground-breaking WhatsApp Catalogue Integration, you can increase sales and improve client buying. You can now sell your goods within WhatsApp with ease, contacting your clients where they already congregate. With our seamless connection, you may present your catalogue inside the well-liked chat app while also emphasising product details and facilitating easy transactions. Tap into the enormous potential of BotGenius’s WhatsApp Catalogue Integration to grow your business to new heights. Start converting and pleasing your consumers right away!

Drip Campaigner can help you automate your messaging.

Drip Campaigner by BotGenius will revolutionise your communications approach. You can easily set up drip campaigns for both WhatsApp and Telegram using this powerful tool to deliver a series of messages to users at specified periods.

Create personalised and engaging content by tailoring your sequences based on user action and responses. You can construct campaigns to meet your individual demands, whether they are hourly or daily sequences. Drip Campaigner by BotGenius may help you increase user engagement, nurture connections, and automate your communications routine. Today, discover the potential of successful messaging automation!

Effective Management and Segmentation of Subscriber Lists

With robust management and segmentation options, take command of your subscriber list like never before. With the help of our platform, you may tag your distinct subscribers, enabling you to divide and arrange them according to predetermined standards. You can send broadcasting messages or targeted sequences to each group by categorising your subscribers into separate labels.

Assign button labels to simplify subscriber organisation and use labels to quickly distinguish your chatbot subscribers. Use segmentation to your advantage to improve your message strategy and easily send personalised information to your followers.

Integrating and automating WhatsApp Webhook Workflow without a hitch

Utilise WhatsApp Webhook Workflow to fully experience the power of automation and seamless connection. With the use of our feature, data may be automatically transmitted from any webhook-compatible third-party application to BotGenius, including Typeform, Google Forms, WP Elementor, WooCommerce, and Shopify. You can easily automate processes like WooCommerce and Shopify order confirmation, changing cash-on-delivery payments to pre-paid payments, and much more by making use of this capability. WhatsApp Webhook Workflow enables automated workflows and reduces manual labour. For improved productivity and efficiency in your business operations, try out seamless integration today.

Automated Anti-Spam and Simple Telegram Group Management

With Telegram Bot Integration, you can command your group on Telegram like never before. With the help of our robust functionality, you can automate group management activities, filter out spam by removing images, links, and other undesired content, and schedule posts for frictionless content sharing. You can guarantee a quick and interesting group experience with BotGenius while conserving time and work. With Telegram Bot Integration, improve your group management game and take advantage of a hassle-free, vibrant community.

Empower Your Business with Full-Featured eCommerce for Telegram

Make use of a feature-rich platform built for Telegram bots to unleash the potential of eCommerce. With the help of our powerful solution, you can easily show visitors an attractive eCommerce site from inside the Telegram bot. The Chatbot automatically replies to keystrokes or button presses, leading users through category browsing, adding goods to their baskets, making payments, and scheduling home delivery with ease. Take advantage of the convenience of automated operations.

Your personal virtual salesperson, BotGenius, guarantees a simple and enjoyable Telegram purchase experience for your consumers. Take advantage of the Full-Featured eCommerce Platform today to embrace the future of eCommerce and maximise your business’s potential!

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To collect payments from clients, BotGenius has linked with your current payment processor.


By connecting an SMS Gateway Provider, you can inform your customers by SMS.


Open AI and BotGenius have a connection. Open AI assists your chatbot in engaging your customers.

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